Boat Lift Maintenance - Grease keeps you moving!

Floe Boat Lift.png

The nice weather is finally here - and boat lifts are hitting the water!

Annual inspections and maintenance will keep your lift operating safe and effectively for years to come. We are all excited to hit the water ASAP - but ignoring these steps can cause major problems in the future.

Information for inspecting and maintaining your lift can be found by clicking HERE on pages 26-28.

GREASING THE EASY-LEVEL LEVELING LEG The Easy-Level leveling leg must be greased at least once annually. This should be done prior to winter storage if the lift is removed seasonally. To grease, lower lift until the pad is fully retracted and the access holes line up, with the threaded rod clearly visible inside the hole. Apply a generous amount of quality lithium grease to the threaded rod.

GREASING THE BALL-SCREW (VSD Lifts) It is important to grease the ball-screw mechanism annually to prevent significant corrosion. The ballscrew must be greased immediately prior to winter storage. To grease the ball-screw, lower the lift bed completely. With the bed lowered, the grease fitting should be visible.It may be necessary to raise the lift slightly to align the grease fitting in the hole. Use a high quality extreme pressure lithium grease and a grease gun fitted with a flush style grease tip.